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Delivering satisfaction every day is a normal occurrence here at Coil's. Our flags are durable, long-lasting and a wonderful addition to any home or office. They make great gifts as well. In fact, a custom flag with your design on it is a wonderful conversation piece and makes the experience very personal and warm. 

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We have nearly every flag you can think of but the most amazing flags are the United States flags.

Custom flags can be for anything, company logo, sports teams, business display banners and more. If you need to create something, we can help with that too. Talk to Tim about this great service.

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We sell and install brand new flagpoles pretty much every day. Our selection of products is second to none. If you need yours repaired, well we do that as well. Just give us a call and let us know what the situation is and we will get you fixed up.
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The Estate Series offers you a commercial grade flagpole at a residential flagpole price. can be set up for heights from 15' to 35', making this product perfect for homes or small businesses.
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The Continental Series is a heavy-duty aluminum design that can range from 20' to 80' in height. Powerful design and integrity, this flagpole is perfect for commercial and industrial applications.

Important Information Regarding Proper Flag Etiquette

Our Nation's flag is a time-honored symbol of our freedoms. With those freedoms comes great responsibility and a dedication that reminds us that liberty is not free. Those that came before us have honored our flag as the trademark of democracy and an international symbol of hope. We don't ever want to forget those that shed blood for those freedoms.

Here are Some Proper Flag Etiquette Reminders 

  • The flag should be visible at all times, either by sunlight or by an appropriate light source at night.
  • The flag should be flown in fair weather, unless designed for inclement weather use.
  • The flag should never be dipped to any person or thing. It is flown upside down only as a distress signal.
  •  Bunting of blue, white and red stripes is available when you want to use the flag for decoration purposes. The blue stripe of the bunting should be on the top.
  • The flag should not be used as part of a costume or athletic uniform, although a flag patch may be used on the uniform of military personnel, fireman, policeman and members of patriotic organizations.
  • The flag should never have any mark, insignia, letter, word, number, figure, or drawing of any kind placed on it, or attached to it.
  • The flag should never be used for receiving, holding, carrying, or delivering anything.
  • When the flag is lowered, no part of it should touch the ground or any other object; it should be received by waiting hands and arms. To store the flag it should be folded neatly and ceremoniously.
  • The flag should be cleaned and mended when necessary.
  • When a flag is so worn it is no longer fit to serve as a symbol of our country, it should be destroyed by burning in a dignified manner.
  • The U.S. Flag, when carried in a procession with other flags, should be either on the marching right (the flag's own right) or, if there is a line of other flags, in front of the center of that line. Never display the U.S. flag from a float except from a staff, or so suspended that its folds fall free as though staffed.
  • When flags of states, cities, or localities, or pennants of societies are flown on the same halyard with the flag of the United States, the flag of the United States should always be at the peak, and subsequent flags should be smaller than the U.S. flag.

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