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Coil’s Flags and Flagpoles have been in the St. Cloud community for more than 42 yrs.  Our sales, installation, service and repair business has been owner operated by the Tim and Karen Coil family for the last 12 of those years.  We sell residential and commercial flagpoles (including portable styles), pole solar lights, an array of stock or custom flags, as well as desk, stick, casket, auto, and motorcycle flags.  Some of our custom services include banners, feather flag sets, apparel, embroidery, screen printing, promotional products, open/sale spinners, various auto sale flags-stickers-streamers-balloons-pennants-supplies, and more.  We also carry a variety of Military, First Responder and gift items such as framed wall prints, clothing, hats, patches, lapel/hat pins, bumper stickers, magnets, auto emblems, grill badges, challenge coins, license plate holders, shot glasses, money clips, garden lights, windsocks and lawn spinners.

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We are very proud to own a Patriotic business in Central Minnesota and are honored to meet so many people who serve or have previously served to protect our community and country.  We are a one stop shop for your residential or commercial needs.  Large or small, our team can customize almost anything and we look forward to serving you!

Old Glory, country style

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By Sarah Colburn
Star Publication Writer

For many farmers and other county people, patriotism is near and dear to their hearts. Driving through the countryside, the American flag can often be seen waving in the breeze and lit up at night on family farms, hobby farms and country acreage around the region.

That stands to reason, as many farmers are veterans – or at minimum, they know some who are. According to the 2017 Census of Agriculture, the number of farmers who have served in the United State military was 370,619.

“The flag, to tons of people, is their sign of freedom; so many people have fought for this flag in the military, and families have carried that through,” said Tim Coil of Coil's Flags, Flagpoles and Custom Embroidery.

Coil has worked with many farmers and others in the country over the years in his shop. They all have their own reasons for wanting Old Glory to fly in their yard. One farmer from Princeton put his reasons quite simply, saying, “It’s the right thing to do.”

Coil has his own reasons for patriotism and works with flags day in and day out.

Though he never served in the military, he has always been very patriotic. He feels it is important to pay honor and respect to those who have. He honors the veterans in his family with images of them in uniform displayed on the back of his truck. His father, Vernon Coil, was a WWII veteran, his father-in-law, Louie Dahlmeier, served in the Korean War and his oldest brother, Terry Coil, was in Vietnam. He has his father’s uniform on display in his store.

“People need to be patriotic; people need to be nice to each other and being nice to each other is part of being a patriotic person,” he said. “This is drifting away from us, especially in today’s time, people need to be more patriotic and help one another.”

He loves seeing flags flying all around.
“It shows me that people care about their freedom,” he said.

He has connections to the country in addition to his occupation.

“I grew up on a farm and I was always proud of that,” he said. “Even though it was a lot of work, it taught me about what hard work is and the results are great and satisfying.”

Whether it’s farmers or veterans – or both, Coil feels they work hard to fight for the American flag and show what it represents.

“It’s neat to see all these veterans out there,” he said. “This is the flag they fought for when they were in the military; words can’t really express the true feeling of when these things go up in the air.”